In survey, respondents also noted an increase in technologies that support virtual showings. “It enables leasing activity to continue even though in-person interactions may not be possible,” says Holden. “It’s critical that leasing activity doesn’t come to a halt, especially for buildings that found themselves at lower occupancy when the pandemic hit.”
Holden doesn’t expect the trend to slow down. Technology adoption is here to stay, and she expects that technology will continue to be integral following the pandemic. “In the post-COVID-19 future, remote work will continue to be a significant driver of technology adoption, and the level of convenience technology affords will be an expectation by property management professionals and renters alike, well into the future,” she says. “This was apparent in the recent survey we conducted with thousands of property management professionals across the country. You can read more on these findings here.”
The cost of new technologies has been a deterrent for many property owner; however, Holden says that the cost is offset by operational efficiency in the long run. “Implementing property management tools will lower operational costs overall because it streamlines business,” she adds. “Our approach at AppFolio is to provide innovative solutions for all our customers’ most important workflows, such as leasing and maintenance, into one software, therefore simplifying their technology implementation and cost.”
Source: “Property Managers Have Had to Quickly Digitize